Cosmetic Dentistry

They say a smile increases your face value, here at University Square Dental we completely agree. Helping our patients love what they see in the mirror is one of the best parts of our day. Whether you’re preparing to interview for the dream job, or have a a big occasion around the corner, cosmetic dentistry can help you to put your best face forward. Here at University Square Dental, we’re committed to making you smile bright with confidence.


Comprehensive consultations

Considering cosmetic dentistry? Dr. Pollan has advanced training in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. He takes the time to understand your desires, and put together a customized treatment plan to meet your needs. Patients seeking whitening or bonded solutions have many in-office or take home options. For more advanced cases, we collaborate with our local dental labs to create your unique smile. Every patient has an opportunity to review the work with a consultation appointment and decide which features they love before completion.

working to give you exceptional results

We collaborate with local dental labs to create your unique look, from a single tooth to the full smile. Our goal is to help you achieve the result of your dreams. Focusing on communication and craftsmanship, we utilize many tools to achieve spectacular outcomes.

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you have options

The treatment options range from bonded resins, to change contour or color, to full coverage crowns and veneers. We also offer various whitening options if you’re looking for a quick fix before a special occasion. We ensure our patients are happy with their results. Your ideal smile is always a priority while we keep the process simple and effective.