Do you wake up with headaches, sore teeth, or experience fatigue while chewing? If so, you may suffer from TMD (tempromandibular disorder) Our dental team is trained in diagnosing and treating jaw, muscle and tooth pain.


Treatment and diagnosis

Our dental exam includes a comprehensive evaluation of the major chewing muscles to identify nighttime or daytime clenching habits. We also evaluate the different wear patterns on the teeth to help create long term treatment plans. Our goal is to diagnose and treat TMD utilizing the most successful nonsurgical treatment options.

How we treat it..

We fabricate three different occlusal guards to treat mild, moderate and severe clenching/grinding. Effectively paired with at-home treatments, we reduce pain and headaches while improving function and quality of life.

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Saving you money

Our patient care coordinator will help you with billing your medical insurance so that our patients minimize out of pocket expenses while maximizing comfort!